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Why have a heat loss survey?

why have a heat loss survey

A heat loss survey is an essential process that helps identify inefficiencies in a building's insulation and heating systems. The survey is conducted to determine the amount of heat that is lost from a building, and the areas where the heat is escaping from. The purpose of the survey is to make a building more energy-efficient, reduce energy bills, and create a comfortable living environment for the occupants.

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What is a thermal imaging survey?

what is a thermal imaging survey

Thermal imaging surveys are commonly used in building inspections to identify areas of heat loss or air leakage. This can help building owners and managers identify areas where insulation or weather sealing needs to be improved, which can lead to energy savings and improved comfort for occupants. Thermal imaging can also be used to identify areas of moisture intrusion, which can help prevent mold growth and other damage to the building.

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